A Pioneer in Food and Process technology

Many major food companies are finding that Agtron instrumentation is invaluable in controlling the quality and consistency of their products.  These bench top units are the most accurate, repeatable, and easy to use process analyzers available.The development of food flavor and appearance are directly related to the degree of process, and as such, quantitative measurement becomes imperative in controlling both the absolute and customer perceived quality. The Agtron Abridged Spectrophotometers are designed specifically for high resolution analysis of the degree of roast, bake or fry, of fruit maturity, and of color/appearance variations of a variety of food products. Interested what we can do for your application.





ST Analytical is the European Sales and Service organization for the Agtron spectrophotometers, we ensure Care-free, easy use of the equipment over many years. That's why we adhere to a high standard of service and support by our skilled engineers. We have an extensive experience of more than 20 years working with Agtron, this allows us to provide expert guidance in selecting the best solution for your particular need.    

About Agtron

Since its founding in the middle of the last century, Agtron Inc. has been a pioneering leader in food and process technology. flexibility, ease of operation, high resolution, and excellent repeatability in the production/industrial environment make Agtron a leader in setting and maintaining standards. Agtron continues to innovate with its new line of analyzers and is actively looking for new fields to improve food quality and standards.